This project exists in any-town, USA. The body of work loosely guides the viewer through a fictional world which bears many similarities to our own. The individual images, along with their relation to each other, pose questions about perception, memory, consumer culture, geography, and more existential qualms. The images I make vary greatly in approach, scope, and demeanor. At times I verge on almost exploiting photographic tropes like a traditional landscape, other times I mimic seemingly more “pedestrian” pursuits such as amateur snapshots. Another technique I’ve employed is to try to embody the lack of attention an online retailer might pay to documenting an item; high expectations of conveying “truth” with little to no specific aesthetic intentions beyond being “good enough”.  At other times the photographs I make are highly contrived and their creation is elaborately executed. The variety of visual approaches allows me to side step the boundaries of a “single” narrator. 


To further the possible scope of the project, I lace together my own photographs with appropriated photographs, found materials, and sculptural objects. The way that this variety of media can further develop the intentions of the work beyond what only photographs are capable of.  I am drawn to items "that are mass produced, especially faux items that are meant as a stand in for the real thing, or only appear real on the facade.   A fake plant harmlessly placed in a hotel room, something built out of particle board but covered with a marble veneer, “jerry-rigging” something as a temporary fix, alone these decisions seem practical or even economical, but what do these cultural values add up to?