A collaborative effort between Andrew Oslovar and Jonathan Bagby

SATURDAY SCHOOL explores our mutual interests which revolve around visual puns, mass produced items, and the history of objects, along with the language created by sequence/proximity, artifice, artifact, popular culture, and appropriation. These collective interests manifest themselves as sculpture, found objects, documentation images, and appropriated photographic imagery. Some works are made entirely together, while others hail from our individual studio practices in regards to their creation but fit into this project better than our individual artistic pursuits.

Archives of items and visual imagery do not have fixed meanings.  Their power changes relative to surrounding context and presentation. In opposition to the archiver trying to document everything, we are meticulous about what makes the final cut. However, our works function both as monuments to consumer culture at large but also as specific as a stranger’s Aunt Tina or even the unknown 3rd place winner of the best funnel cake at the 1987 Texas State Fair.